International Journal of Sediment Research杂志

International Journal of Sediment Research杂志

《 International Journal of Sediment Research》杂志创办于1986,是水利部主管的国家重点学术期刊,SCI核心期刊,影响因子0.435,现被SCI 科学引文索引(美)等权威机构收录,主要征稿方向:related to geography, geomorphology, soil erosion, sediment y...
  • 主管单位:水利部
  • 主办单位:国际泥沙研究培训中心
  • 国际刊号:1001-6279
  • 国内刊号:11-2699/P
  • 出版地方:北京
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  • 创刊时间:1986
  • 发行周期:季刊
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International Journal of Sediment Research期刊级别: SCI核心期刊
International Journal of Sediment Research期刊分类: 期刊 > 自然科学与工程技术 > 基础科学 > 地质学

International Journal of Sediment Research杂志简介

《国际泥沙研究(英文版)》(International Journal of Sediment Research (IJSR) )(季刊)创刊于1986年,由国际泥沙研究培训中心主办的英文版期刊。自2007起成为SCI源刊,被SCI—E收录。


International Journal of Sediment Research栏目设置

related to geography, geomorphology, soil erosion, sediment yield, soil conservation, environmental and ecological impacts of sedimentation, social and economic effects of sedimentation and its assessment



International Journal of Sediment Research杂志社介绍

1. Manuscript

Original papers should be submitted in triplicate to the Editorial Board of the Journal.  Only original papers will be accepted, and copyright of published papers will be vested with the publisher.  English is used in the International Journal of Sediment Research.  It is desirable to submit the paper in a disk, processed in Microsoft word or Word perfect.

2. Text

Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced with wide margin on one side of the paper.  Normally contributions should not exceed 10,000 word-equivalent and short notes 5,000 words (figure legends included).  Authors names and page numbers should be written on all sheets of the manuscript and illustrations.

Mathematical symbols may be either typewritten or printed carefully.  Greek letters and unusual symbols should be identified separately in the margin.  The letter symbols used should be defined where they first appear in figures, tables or text.

3. Title

The title should be brief.  The authors'' names should be typed on the line below the title, the present employment should be typed on the footnote.

4. Abstract

The body of manuscript should be preceded by abstract with the maximum length of 300 words for a full length article.  It should be intelligible in itself without depending on references cited.  A list of key words should be provided by the authors.

5. Illustrations and Figures

Good glossy print (or original negatives) should accompany the manuscript and should not be attached to the manuscript paper.  Photographs should be enlarged sufficiently to permit clear reproduction in half-tone after reduction.

Figures should be drawn in black ink on tracing material which does not stretch.

Drawings should be about twice final reproduction.  The final size of lettering should be no smaller than 1.5 mm high.

Figure legends should be typed on a separate sheet and placed at the end of the manuscript.

International System units should be used throughout the paper.

6. Tables

Tables should be numbered consecutively and titled.  All table columns should have an explanation of each table and contents of table must appear in the text.

7. References

All references should be arranged in alphabetical order of the author''s names and grouped together in the end of the paper.  An example of reference is given as follows:

Chien Ning. 1985, Changes in river regime after the construction of upstream reservoirs.  Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.  Vol. 10, pp. 15-22.

Book references should be given as follows:

Blench T. 1969, Mobile-bed fluviology, The University of Alberta Press.

8. Discussions and Closure

Discussion of a paper is open to anyone who has significant comments or questions regarding the content of the paper.  Submissions of discussions should be made not later than twelve months following the publication of a paper.  They should be sent to the Editorial Board.

When there is a discussion of paper, its authors is requested to submit a closure, which may include comments on discussers'' remarks and clarification of questions raised.

9. Reprints

Thirty reprints of each paper will be provided free-of-charge.  Additional copies in multiples of a hundred may be ordered separately.

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杂志订阅属于预付款业务,订阅后不建议退款,如客户单方面执意退款,杂志社将扣除订阅费用的14%。订单配送时间已起刊时间为准,如需修改起刊时间请务必联系客服。学术之家提供正规机打全额增值税专用、普通发票,支付成功后可单独寄出。本站不是 International Journal of Sediment Research杂志官网,普通投稿请联系杂志社,地址:北京车公庄西路20号,邮编:100044

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